meet sam fritz

Team Spot Light: Meet Sam!

We wouldn’t be where we are today without the exceptional time, talent, and skill of our team. Each week, we’ll be highlighting a team member, which offers a peek into our culture.

Meet: Sam Fritz

Family: Crystal Fritz

Who Inspires You? My wife. She works very hard to connect with her students, often going way beyond typical expectations for her position. She does it this way, because she loves her students and that’s just how she’s wired.

Why Do You Like Landscaping? No two days are exactly the same, there is always something changing that requires reaction.

What Would You Like to Do on the Weekend? Watch sports, read, see a movie, spend time with my wife

What is your favorite Restaurant?  ???

What is your favorite Color? Green

What is your Favorite Candy Bar? Snickers

What is the Best Thing About Working at High Prairie Landscape Group? It is a really fun group of people. We certainly are very different in some aspects, but for the most part, I think we get along as a team and enjoy working with the rest of the company.