When to Start Thinking About Your Spring Landscaping

Spring landscaping is a big deal here in Kansas City, with so many homes boasting lush gardens and luxurious outdoor living areas. High Prairie Landscape Group works with many clients honing the perfect lawn and garden for just this time of year. But, when is the best time to start thinking about Spring landscaping? This […]

Which Spring Bulbs Typically Bloom First?

Finally, 2021 and every Kansas homeowner is itching to see those first brilliant blooms of Spring. As a leading landscaper in Kansas City, High Prairie Landscape Group often receives questions about the timeframes for Spring bulbs. We want to share our knowledge.

Landscaping Myth: Any Landscaping Is Good Landscaping

At High Prairie Landscape Group, we often get questions about our landscaping services vs. Other landscaping services in the area. From time to time, we hear landscaping myths such as, “any landscaping is good landscaping”. As a leader in landscaping and outdoor design here in Kansas, we know this myth to be just a myth.

Winter Landscaping Tips to Set You Up for Next Spring

Winter may not seem like the time to landscape, but you would be surprised at how much you can get done during these colder months. The winter season is the best time to prepare for spring because professional landscaping companies are not as bogged down as they are during the spring and summer seasons. Keep […]

6 Signs You Need a Professional Landscaper to Come and Take Over

Landscaping is a fun and relaxing way to reinvent your property and create an oasis at home. While there are many projects easily accomplished with DIY, there are others that require a professional landscaper. Here are a few of the signs you may need to call in an experienced team like High Prairie Landscaping.

Landscaping Ideas for Shaded Areas In My Yard

Whether it’s due to the way your property is situated, natural fixtures like trees and shrubs or features you have added along the way, having shaded areas in your yard requires some special attention when it comes to landscaping. Many homeowners try to incorporate plants and flowers in shady areas that have no business being […]

2020 Flower Planting Guide for a Beautiful Garden

To say that the first half of 2020 has been a little different than most people expected would be a monumental understatement. But even with a new reality for most, there’s no reason not to have a beautiful flower garden. Flowers brighten your mood and make your outdoor spaces come alive with personality, which is […]

6 Qualities to Look for in the Perfect Landscaping Team

When you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you know how important it is to have a lush, attractive lawn and landscape. It’s the first thing people see when they come to visit and the last thing they see before they leave, so you don’t want to give off the wrong impression that a poorly-laid […]