Four Seasons of Impact with Exclusive Plant Palettes

High Prairie Landscape Group takes seasonal color, holiday décor, and holiday lighting very seriously.

We’re blessed to have some of the most prestigious seasonal color contracts in the city. If you haven’t driven through Hallbrook Farms in the summer, you’re missing out. Some of our favorite seasonal displays are nestled into our cherished landscapes at client homes.

High Prairie attends plant trials every year to ensure we’re fully educated on the best performers for our region years before they become available to the public. Then, we get our flowers custom grown so that we’re offering only the best. Cultivar selection matters when you’re looking for impact.




I feel as if I hit the jack-pot with this company. Not only are they highly professional, but very knowledgable and thorough, timely and guarantee their work. They are a “one-stop-shop”, meaning they can do it all! From irrigation systems, to landscaping, seeding, tree trimming, leaf clean up, snow removal, and they’ll even put up Christmas lights!
– Erin Singleton, Houzz Reviews, October 2013


Our holiday lighting and décor are both award winning. We use only professional grade lighting. This means we offer options for color changing LED RGB lights, light shows, and full scale holiday design. The initial investment in pro-grade products means that you can enjoy your lights for several years.

We offer all inclusive, multi-season packages for Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. With High Prairie, you’ll never go a season without something spectacular happening in the garden.

Check out our ebook (link to ebook)to view our custom combos and learn more about how we can provide more impact for you today.