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Elevate the use of your outdoor spaces by extending your living areas to the great outdoors. High Prairie Landscape Group provides comprehensive planning, design, and construction of several value increasing landscape additions such as:
  • Natural stone and paver patios installed by certified professionals.
    • Includes base and grading analysis
  • Retaining wall and step construction using both natural stone and concrete products
  • Stone pool decks
  • Custom Outdoor Living Elements
    • Kitchens of various sizes and layouts
    • Fire Pits
    • Fire Places.
    • Fire/Water Features
    • Pergolas
  • Water Feature design and creation
  • Lighting options
  • Patio misters and heaters to extend the usefulness of the space
  • Plant Installation
High Prairie Landscape Group specializes in outdoor living spaces constructed in our proprietary building technique, The Legacy Method.
The Legacy Method
The Legacy Method combines European and American construction practices into a singular, better way of building hardscapes so they last for decades. Nobody builds like we do. We’ve studied both European and American construction and taken the best parts of each and combined them.
These are long-term patios and hardscapes. We’ll help you spend wisely, because we’ll construct your spaces right the first time.
Never-Before-Seen 25 Year Warranty
We believe so much in our building techniques and craftsmanship, that we offer a 25-year warranty on the structural integrity of our hardscapes. No questions asked, if your patio, retaining wall, or other hardscape feature ever settles, separates, or degrades, we’ll come repair.
The only thing not covered in the warranty are sand, mortar,and sealer, which require general upkeep every few years. We do offer yearly maintenance packages for sand, sealer, cleaning and mortar.

This company is one of the most professional companies we have ever hired. They listen! The entire team did excellent work and paid attention to the tiniest of details.
– maryweg, Houzz Reviews September 2015