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Merry & Bright Holiday Lighting in Kansas City

There's magic in the air during the holidays -- everyone smiles a little easier, and giving is No. 1 on your to-do list. It’s a holly, jolly season! You can almost hear the sleigh bells jingling, can’t you?

Naturally you want to embrace the holiday cheer. Celebration is the name of the game. And lights make the scene shine -- whether they are done in holiday colors, are all glittering and white, or are full of evergreen sprigs, holly berries, and custom-designed containers.

Don’t feel like decorating? No need to be a Grinch. Professional holiday light installation can turn your lump of coal into glad tidings overnight all while you get to focus on baking your cookies and sipping peppermint hot cocoa.

Professional grade lighting and interactive displays hung neatly and professionally is one aspect of holiday decorating.

But garland, wreaths, tree wrapping, and containers full of fresh greenery can amp up your scenic display by giving it a personal touch that incorporates the best of the season’s natural elements and pine scents. Since our lights are custom cut to fit your home, tree, or lane, you select the creative color combinations that you can’t get at a store.



tree decorated with lights and glowing balls

Busy Season = No Time to Waste

Between office parties, children’s concerts, shopping for Santa, and family get-togethers to plan, the holiday season can be packed full of activity. 

Just when you’re expecting guests, your lights go out. You don’t even have to put on mittens because our team handles the maintenance so your holiday brights can take on all the snow and ice and keep on gleaming through the season.

holiday decorations porch patio entrance

It’s Like Having Some of Santa’s Elves On Call

Santa may have gone back to the North Pole for some much-needed relaxation after the season is over, but that doesn’t mean you have to get out the storage boxes and put on the layers to take your holiday lights down. 

Our holiday lighting services include takedown and storage in a climate-controlled facility to ensure the lights last. If a bulb goes out before the next season, you’ll never know it because we’ll have it replaced before you can finish your eggnog. 

(And if you’re also having trouble finding the time to dig through your storage boxes to decorate your inside for the holidays or maybe you’re having a big family reunion and need your place to look a little more magical, we also offer indoor decorating services for our loyal clients.)

holiday decorating porch

Get Ready to Hang Your Stockings; We’ve Got Your Lights Covered

You might think hanging holiday lights is easy, but it always takes more time and trouble than it’s worth. Maybe your lights from last year aren’t working, you forgot extension cords, or maybe all your lights are down low because you can’t bear to climb that rickey ladder. 

You’re not alone. This job is not for everyone, but the season is. And you can get maximum warmth and cheer without having to do all of the work. 

Let us climb the ladder, untangle the knots, hang the decor, and handle the electricity. We don’t mind. We design and install custom holiday displays, caring for them along the way. All you have to do is spend your holiday free time enjoying the scene, singing the carols, building the snowmen, perfecting your eggnog recipe, and ringing in the new year. 

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