Caring For Your Garden As if it Were Our Own

High Prairie Landscape Group takes landscape maintenance in Kansas City to a new level. We’ve listened to our clients and their concerns with past companies. We offer landscape maintenance with several key differences from our competitors:

  1. Better Communication: Online Customer Service Portal
    • Live status updates for landscape services, property service history of past visits, weather reporting for each visit, complete transparency.
    • Option to access the portal via the web or a mobile app.
    • Easy company communication via the mobile app allows you to send a text, email, or phone call with the swipe of a finger.
    • Generate site reports at any time for easy reconciling of invoices.
  2. Pro-Active Site Management
    • We don’t wait for a phone call or complaint to address challenges. We train crews to observe and address any potential problems as pro-actively as possible.
    • Quality Control Visits: Division managers and High Prairie’s Owner make frequent site visits to continue holding our services up to High Prairie’s Standards./li>
  3. High Standards
    • Our clients often say they’ve never had a company with our level of quality and service. Our crews are trained to perform to the highest industry standards and execute based on those details.
General Bed Maintenance: March-November:
Weekly Visits
Jan, Feb & Dec:
Bi-Weekly Visits
Pruning-Hedging and Hand Pruning: 8x per year
Plant Health Care (PHC):
Pro-Active Fertilization
Pest/Disease Prevention Auto-Scheduled
Spring/Fall Clean-ups
& Leaf Removal:
1 Spring &1 Fall Clean-up
(Additional is hourly @ $45)
4 leaf removals
Turf Mowing: Weekly
Turf Chemical Application:
6-Step Program w/included Fungicide/Flea & Tick Treatment
Turf Renovation: Vericut, Core Aeration, Over-Seeding & Starter Fertilizer
Irrigation Care:
Start-up, shut down, winterization
& Monthly Monitoring
Repairs hourly @$65/hour

Clients with infrequent visits desired can opt for an hourly contract at $45 per hour plus materials on their specified schedule. Please note that package clients will always have scheduling priority. Alternately, clients that desire a personal gardener at their property more than one day a week can also choose an hourly plus materials contract.