Expand the enjoyment of your landscape by investing in an outdoor lighting package. High Prairie Landscape Group offers landscape lighting packages utilizing only professional grade fixtures, controllers, and wiring.


Homeowners choose to upgrade their landscape with lighting to increase security, expand the usability into evening hours, and to provide beauty at any hour.

Robyn and her team at High Prairie Landscape Group are top-notch. She is very flexible and reliable about scheduling and is wonderfully patient, practical and artistic in creating just the right design for you.
– heatherielth, Houzz Reviews, September 2012

We provide two grades of lighting packages for our clients.

Grade 1: Premium professional grade LED lights by FX Luminaire with color changing capabilities. Yes, you can change your lighting for a sports game or holiday!

  • The Luxor ZDC line provides the ability to create 30,000 colors using RGB technology
  • FX controllers can create an orchestrated lighting package that allows for complete customization
    • Dim zones of the landscape at a certain time to create a different mood
    • Turn off specific zones while leaving others on with a nightly timeline
    • Set up, change and control colors from your smart phone.
  • Option to have a wireless system-never have a rodent or shovel damage lighting wires again!

Grade 2: Professional LED lights by Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting. Select from warm or cool white tones.

  • Full line of property enhancing options in numerous fixture finishes.
  • Professional grade timers for reliability
  • A competitive price point for professional light fixtures
  • Made in the U.S.A.