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We know how hard it can be to determine what you want in your outdoor spaces and who you should trust to build them. It’s a serious investment. We get it.

We believe that if you’re looking at this page, you likely don’t have enough outdoor space, or the space you have isn’t adequate to bring your friends and family together the way you desire. That’s the thing about patios, when done well, they provide entertaining space, relaxing space, and most importantly, space to make memories with those you love.

High Prairie Landscape Group specializes in custom paver or stone patios constructed in our proprietary building technique,

The Legacy Method

The Legacy Method combines European and American construction practices into a singular, better way of building hardscapes so they last for decades. Nobody builds like we do. We’ve studied both European and American construction and taken the best parts of each and combined them.

These are long-term patios. We’ll help you spend wisely, because we’ll construct your spaces right the first time.

Never-Before-Seen 25 Year Warranty

We believe so much in our building techniques and craftsmanship, that we offer a 25-year warranty on the structural integrity of our hardscapes. No questions asked, if your patio, retaining wall, or other hardscape feature ever settles, separates, or degrades, we’ll come repair.

The only thing not covered in the warranty are sand, mortar,and sealer, which require general upkeep every few years. We do offer yearly maintenance packages for sand, sealer, cleaning, and mortar.

Get Started

Since we believe in educating our clients, we’ve provided a guide to understanding the patio construction process here:

The Patio Construction Process

Learn about patio design and material options here:

Patio Design and Material Options

We know that investing in your outdoors is something that should be taken seriously. We get it. That’s why you’ll be educated and taken care of during every step of the process. That process starts by scheduling a free consultation.  Be sure to check out our patio covers as well.

If you’re ready to consider adding usable space to your outdoors, contact us today.

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