Go Ahead and Call Us Plant Nerds. We Don’t Mind. 

When we’re not looking at flowers, admiring flowers, or planting and maintaining flowers, we’re at trial gardens, checking out the newest flowers that are being developed and brought to market. 

Our planting services in Kansas City take normal, average planting up a few notches to something the neighbors won’t have… but will seriously envy. 

plantings installed in front of house

You Deserve the Best Performing and Longest Blooming Flowers

Sure, you don’t have time to visit trial gardens across the country, seeking the most creative and unique plant genetics. You also probably can’t spend hours paging through garden research. And you shouldn’t have to. That’s our job.

We get excited about finding new plants that offer our customers a little something special that they can’t get access to anywhere else. That’s why we follow plant breeders and visit trial gardens that showcase their newest and greatest performing plants to see how they do in various climates. We pay attention to how long they bloom. If we find something we like that performs well in the Kansas City climate, we will get them custom grown so we can offer yo an exclusive plant palette that no one else can offer.

Aerial view of landscape with plantings installed

Don’t Settle for the Same Old, Same Old

There are so many flowers out there. Why shouldn't you get a chance to enjoy them all?

Growing and planting what’s common and predictable may be a safe option, but we’d rather embrace innovation and creativity that elevates our landscape designs with plants that pack a punch.

We want you to feel that same joy we feel when finding great plant combinations that offer unprecedented color and texture and give you exactly what you’re looking for… and maybe a little more that you didn’t even expect.

We want you to walk outside each season and notice something a little different or extraordinary that you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the season before -- whether that’s a perennial’s striking fall color that you didn’t see coming or a shrub’s fragrant flowers that take that special scent past your front door, giving you moments of perfumed indulgence every time you come home.

People Love Our Planting Services Because They Bring Something New & Different

Our tree and shrub planting services go beyond cookie cutter. That way, your property stands out as the best on the block. And our regular horticulture training on planting practices and amendments means we take the necessary measures to ensure planting success for the long-term. 

We hear it all the time. Our plantings are unforgettable. Your neighbors might stroll by or a stranger might job past and suddenly they stop in front of your landscape, wondering about a particular flower or plant. We can’t help it. We like to create a landscape with impact. The landscapes we design become conversation pieces. And that gives you gratification for choosing to trust us and our planting expertise. Go ahead and take the credit; we don’t mind.

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