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Expand Your Living Space with Kansas City Hardscaping

Many times, when you think about landscaping, you’re envisioning adding a grand tree to your front yard landscape, a flowering shrub that brings color and texture, or perennials and annuals that create seasonal color, change, and interest. 

Those are the softscapes -- the living elements that give your outdoors depth and texture, as well as a connection to nature that comes with the sounds, scents, and smells that stimulate your senses and create a soothing, scenic space. 

We all love our softscapes, but adding hardscapes to your yard can bring structure and cohesion to your growing and changing plants. Hardscapes by definition are areas that aren’t made of living things. They are made with materials such as wood, stone, concrete, bricks, pavers, and everything in between to create the ultimate relaxation spaces. 

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Think You Could Use a Little Extra Space?

Well-planned, outdoor living rooms can feel like natural extensions of your home’s interior. Think of it as adding a room without the expense of having to build on to your actual home. And there are no confining walls involved, so your senses get a chance to play. Our hardscape designers can expertly and carefully balance the way your outdoor living spaces interact and relate to the architecture of your home, connecting paths that lead you through different spaces. To do this, we talk to you about how you plan to use your yard and what kind of feelings you’re hoping to create in each of your outdoor rooms -- whether it’s for play, entertainment, family get-togethers, seclusion, or even simple and quiet reflection.

And it all typically starts with a patio -- the outdoor living foundation. Patios are pleasant places for entertaining, getting lost in a good book, and hanging out with family.

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Hardscapes Add Privacy

If you’re looking for a little more opportunity to enjoy your backyard without the prying eyes of your neighbors, hardscaping can bring that element. 

Stone walls add great textures and tones, while giving you some peace. A pergola can bring height and an open airiness. Add some floral vines and you have sweet-scented seclusion. 

Direct Traffic in Your Yard with Walkways

Patios and hardscapes, like walkways, can not only add visual appeal, but they set the stage for entrances into your outdoor areas. Easy access encourages a smooth transition from one place to the next, and who doesn’t want their space to have a smooth flow?

Hardscapes define spaces and help direct traffic where you want it to go to avoid any cutting through your favorite flower beds, keeping traveling feet on pathways where they belong. 

Hardscapes Cut Down Your Maintenance Time 

Hardscapes provide necessary function and great aesthetics in your yard. And once they are installed, they don’t require a lot of upkeep. 

Just some regular annual care can keep hardscape function and appearance on point. 

Patios & Hardscapes Boost Your Property Value

That winding stone walkway that highlights your house’s most unique features welcomes guests to your home. What a grand entrance!

If you are in the position to sell your home, your entry walkway sets that first impression. And elegant and expansive patios allow potential buyers to imagine neighborhood gatherings or family reunions on warm spring afternoons.

The delicate balance of hardscapes and softscapes boosts your curb appeal. Everyone wants to come closer and see what your home offers inside. 

You want hardscapes for enjoyment, and your home also gets a sales boost. Our expert patio design can create these rooms with views that you won’t want to leave.

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