Design-Build With a Focus on Craftsmanship & Style

Our motto says it all: High Tech Design. Hand Crafted Quality. High Prairie Landscape Group was founded to challenge the status quo of Kansas City Landscape projects. An excellent company must have BOTH high-style designs AND seamless execution of the installation. One without the other yields mediocre results. This knowledge allows us to focus on a landscape installation division that is raising the bar in landscaping. Our clients deserve no less.


We struck gold with HPLG because they are, by far, the most talented and organized full service landscape company that we’ve ever used. They are a very dependable & punctual group and their core execution is nearly flawless.
– 13bushog24, Houzz Reviews September 2013

High Prairie’s Seven-Step Path to a Distinguished Landscape

  1. Pre-Interview Visioning (prior to first meeting)
    • Client will receive an email filled with helpful information about landscaping, an introduction to, and a simple questionnaire.
    • Start Dreaming: Client is encouraged to collect images in Houzz ideabooks or Pinterest to help envision and communicate their landscape goals.
  2. The Consultation and Analysis
    • Our “High Prairie Experience” package includes the following
      1. Detailed site analysis and accompanying report
        • Soil Testing and Results (2-3 weeks for results. $75 for university analysis.)
        • Drainage Assessment
        • Existing Vegetation Report and Analysis
        • General square footages for existing turf and beds
        • Environmental Factors
      2. Design Personality Profile
        • In-depth interview and design-style quiz to identify client style preferences
        • Architectural Style and Observations
      3. Setting Expectations and Goals
        • Creating a goal budget together
        • Setting timeline parameters
        • Determine next step in design process.
      4. Design Contract Signed
        • If a design is desired, we’ll present your options so that you can choose what works best for you (Our hourly rate is $95 per hour).
  3. Design Creation and Presentation
    • Concept Design Meeting (1-2 weeks)
      1. General shapes, square footages, and sizes are presented to help align goals with budget.
    • Master Plan Design Creation (Timeline dependent upon revisions).
      1. Full color, scaled design in plan view using the best plant and hardscape elements available.
      2. A 3D video walk-through of the project for you to keep and show others. It’s so much fun to share the excitement!
      3. Project material lists and estimates
    • Design packages range from $500 for a simple, small planting to $1,900 for estate plans.
    • During this meeting, next steps will be decided.
      1. If client chooses to proceed, a contract will be signed and deposit will be collected.
  4. Professional Installation
    • Project is placed on schedule and estimated installation date is communicated to client.
    • 1-5 days prior to beginning date, utilities will be marked.
    • Materials are hand-selected and acquired.
    • Project management team meets to establish a day to day plan for optimum execution.
    • Installation occurs following the production plan.
    • Any change orders must be approved by client in writing.
    • Crew does a pro-active quality control punch list prior to client walk-through.
    • Project is completed and client walk-through is scheduled.
  5. Client Walk-Through
    • Walk through project with client to answer questions and ensure satisfaction.
    • Final payment is collected.
    • Plant care now becomes the responsibility of the client.
    • Warranty start date begins on this date.
  6. Landscape check-ups by designer three times per year for the first year.
  7. Option to include maintenance and extended plant warranty on all plants purchased and installed by High Prairie Landscape Group to A LIFETIME WARRANTY for as long as the maintenance care is continued by High Prairie.