Tips for Choosing Which Types of Trees to Plant In My Backyard

Kansas City is home to some of the most beautiful and vibrant yards and gardens in the state. As a leading landscaper in Kansas, High Prairie Landscape Group makes it our business to follow the latest trends and provide our clients with insights on how to best manage your property. One thing we’ve noticed in […]

Landscaping Myth: Wild and Native Plants are the Same Thing

In landscaping, there are many myths associated with native plants and flowers. At High Prairie Landscape Group, we make it our business to know the origin and nature of each of the flora and fauna we work with. To help keep our customers educated on the plants we use in your gardens, we’d like to […]

Early Spring Lawn Routine Every Homeowner Should Follow

Early Spring and the flowers will soon be in full bloom. This is the time of year High Prairie Landscape Group lives for. With much of Kansas City amping up for garden party season, we are providing plenty of tips and information on early Spring lawn care to get you ready for your own garden […]

5 Benefits of a Beautifully Landscaped Property

The home you live in and the property it sits on says a lot about you and your taste. As a leading landscaper here in Kansas, High Prairie Landscape Group gets plenty of requests to create a beautifully landscaped property. So, what’s the reason so many in Kansas are seeking more aesthetically pleasing lawns and […]

Professional Tips for Transitioning Your Landscape from Winter to Spring

With the approach of the warm green days of spring, homeowners across Kansas City are gearing up to transition outdoor spaces from Winter to Spring. At High Prairie Landscape Group, we work with clients across the city year-round to develop and maintain outdoor spaces you can use in any season. In this way, we are […]

Landscaping Myth: You Can Only Plant in the Spring

Spring may be the season of rebirth, blossoming flora and fauna, and gardening, but it is certainly not the only time of year to plant. In fact, as a leading landscaper in Kansas, High Prairie Landscape Group has the inside scoop on when to plant what and why, and we are happy to share.

Late Winter Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Winter may seem like an unusual time to be gardening, but there is a chore for every season when maintaining a lawn and garden. Being a leading landscaping company in Kansas, High Prairie Landscape Group knows a thing or two about the winter season and what it means for garden lovers. As the cold months […]

When to Start Thinking About Your Spring Landscaping

Spring landscaping is a big deal here in Kansas City, with so many homes boasting lush gardens and luxurious outdoor living areas. High Prairie Landscape Group works with many clients honing the perfect lawn and garden for just this time of year. But, when is the best time to start thinking about Spring landscaping? This […]