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According to Tom Turner’s book, “European Gardens: History, Philosophy, and Design,” the first known aesthetically created garden originated in Egypt between 1000 and 2000 BC. The book also states that the first European gardens were found in what is modern day Italy, Greece and Crete. From this point, the Romans were the ones largely responsible for spreading the concept of garden design across the European continent. Prior to that point, gardens were strictly for feeding people and animals, not for enjoyment. (more…)

Creating an English cottage garden can be rewarding if you know what you’re looking for . Are you interested in creating this type of charming and relaxing space? If so, you may wonder what elements you should include. (more…)

Do you appreciate the structured elegance of Versailles, the most well-known French garden? The fact is, this garden has a distinct look and ambiance that helps to set it apart from its nearby Italian neighbors in the south, and the British neighbors in the north. While this is true, French gardens still embrace some elements from both of the aforementioned garden styles. (more…)

If you have ever visited Europe, chances are you have fond memories of the cobblestone streets, lush gardens and quaint outdoor cafes. After all, the European culture embraces the warm seasons of the year by taking many things outside – including socializing and eating. The unique garden designs found in this country reflect this well. (more…)

A garden vignette is an intimate spot in the garden that provides a focal point or scene. In most cases, the purpose of your vignette will be dependent on where it is located, the view and the level of privacy you prefer. (more…)

Colorful shade gardens that are full of perennials, which return year after year, is something that’s possible. In fact, you can mix your shade perennials to create a tapestry of colors for the darker areas in your landscape. (more…)

The right landscape lighting can provide the perfect setting to allow you to enjoy your garden and outdoor area, even in the evening. There are few better ways to draw appreciation for your landscape and home than to extend the hours it’s visible.  The merits of modern landscape lighting range from the practical function of high-lighting walkways, to improved security, since the lights leave very few places for an intruder to hide.   (more…)

Have you noticed a tree lately? Chances are you have! They are big, full of color and add texture, scale and form to any landscape. However, if you aren’t sure what type of trees are right for your landscape, you’re in luck. Here you can find some of the timeless classics, as well as some less-known, show stopping options. (more…)

Have you heard of Poly-Stone Planters? They are a Kansas City product, offering high-style and superior function. In fact, the majority of the products sold by this company are seen on both the east and west coasts.  At High Prairie Landscape, we love the lines they offer and how easy they make it to customize the shapes and colors to fit your goals. Learn more about amazing garden containers and how to implement them into your landscape design, here. (more…)

Imagine if you are hosting a BBQ for some friends and it begins to rain – just as everyone starts to arrive. What if you had the option to simply push a button and – poof – your patio is instantly rain proof, and then push another button again when the rain was over, to have access to the sunshine? Believe it or not, this is completely possible for your Kansas City home. (more…)

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