Al Fresco Dinner Party Series: Part 1: Snacks in the Garden

There’s nothing quite like an al fresco dinner party “in the open air” on a warm Kansas City evening. We at High Prairie Landscape Group put together this blog series as a guide to hosting the most memorable al fresco dinner parties with your friends and family! After all, an exceptional landscape or outdoor living […]

Why Won’t Grass Grow Under Trees?

Every Kansas City homeowner would love for their landscape to be the best in the neighborhood. A lush lawn with healthy grass helps make a landscape beautiful and inviting. But if trees are a part of your landscape, you may have discovered that your turf either won’t grow under trees or is never as thick […]

Part 6: Seasonal Color: Over-the-Top Impact

The key to over-the-top impact in your outdoor living spaces is to add some seasonal color in the landscape. Step 6 of the secret formula to an award-winning landscape is “seasonal color.” As trends (and our moods) change throughout the seasons, high-impact seasonal rotations of flowers in your landscape keep things looking perpetually fresh and […]

Secret Formula to Award-Winning Landscapes Part 5: Mulch vs. Rock

Our region’s summer season is usually long and hot, and this can put quite a bit of stress on our trees, shrubs, and flowers. Typically, the Kansas City area doesn’t experience a sufficient amount of precipitation for plants to thrive. Adding mulch or landscape rock around your trees and over your flowerbeds has several benefits, […]