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Your garden is meant to be enjoyed. A well-done landscape or outdoor living space creates an inviting atmosphere for enjoying the fresh air with friends and family. The al fresco Dinner Party Series is all about celebrating your outdoor spaces with tips and tricks to maximize the enjoyment of your outdoor living spaces. (more…)

There’s nothing quite like an al fresco dinner party “in the open air” on a warm Kansas City evening. We at High Prairie Landscape Group put together this blog series as a guide to hosting the most memorable al fresco dinner parties with your friends and family! After all, an exceptional landscape or outdoor living space means nothing if you can’t enjoy it with those you love. (more…)

Every Kansas City homeowner would love for their landscape to be the best in the neighborhood. A lush lawn with healthy grass helps make a landscape beautiful and inviting. But if trees are a part of your landscape, you may have discovered that your turf either won’t grow under trees or is never as thick as full-sun areas of your garden. In fact, shady areas simply don’t sustain lush turf over a season. Today, we’re going to share why that is and what can be done about it. (more…)

Just as we learned in Step 6 (Seasonal Color) about treating that step as a process, rather than an event, the same thinking can be applied to Step 8: Caring for the Landscape. Nurturing plant care and landscape maintenance in the Kansas City region involves a continuous series of activities that should be a source of enjoyment and relaxation rather than seeming like a never-ending list of chores. (more…)

Proper watering and post-project care are essential for your new landscape installation to thrive. We’ve put together this landscape watering guide as Step 7 of the secret formula to award-winning landscapes. (more…)

The key to over-the-top impact in your outdoor living spaces is to add some seasonal color in the landscape. Step 6 of the secret formula to an award-winning landscape is “seasonal color.” As trends (and our moods) change throughout the seasons, high-impact seasonal rotations of flowers in your landscape keep things looking perpetually fresh and eye-catching! (more…)

Our region’s summer season is usually long and hot, and this can put quite a bit of stress on our trees, shrubs, and flowers. Typically, the Kansas City area doesn’t experience a sufficient amount of precipitation for plants to thrive. Adding mulch or landscape rock around your trees and over your flowerbeds has several benefits, including: (more…)

In this series—The Secret Formula to Award-Winning Landscapes—all eight steps are vital, and you couldn’t achieve award-winning landscapes without carefully considering each step. (more…)

We call step three the “secret step” for a good reason. A soil customization plan is something that not many people consider, or are even aware exists, but we want to change that! The team at High Prairie Landscape Group has worked tirelessly to develop our soil customization process. (more…)

You’ve completed step one—created your distinctive design plan—now it’s time for step two of the secret formula to an award-winning landscape: selecting exceptional plants! (more…)

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