Benefits of Setting Up a Rainwater Catchment System on My Property

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With so many Americans “going green” it is not surprising that rainwater catchment systems are on the rise. At High Prairie Landscape Group, we often recommend to our clients that a catchment system is best for watering grass, especially during the hot and dry summer season.

So, what is a rainwater catchment system and why should you consider one? Here, we will go over some of the main features of these systems and how they benefit you as a homeowner.

What is a Rainwater Catchment System?

As the name implies, a rainwater catchment system is a system that allows you to capture rainwater for later use. This is a method that has been employed since man first realized the importance of water and is still used around the world today. Rainwater is a clean source of water for your lawn and garden, and comes at no cost, unlike city water.

The system usually consists of a barrel, which can be as high-tech or rustic as you choose. From a basic tub at the bottom of a rain gutter to a full water filtration system to create drinking water, the choice is yours.

Why Should You Invest in a Rainwater Catchment System?

There are a variety of reasons Americans are choosing this method of water collection, including:

Environmentally Friendly

Sucking water out of the lakes, rivers, and ponds requires energy, and uses multiple sources of unsustainable resources to get the water you need into your sink, tub, and through the sprinkler onto your lawn. When you use a rainwater catchment system, you are essentially recycling water. During a rainfall, your entire property receives plenty of H20, and as it continues to rain, the water collects in your catchment system. This water can be stored and used later as needed.

Lower Utility Bills

Watering the lawn and garden gets costly over time. For many Americans, you are not only being charged for the water use, but an additional electrical cost to keep the pumps working. Think of rainwater like a flashlight, it serves its purpose but requires no additional paid energy from you. This saves dollars and cents on future utility bills.

Allows You to Water During a Drought

During the hot season in Kansas, we have seen drought come and go. Sometimes between rains, mandated water-saving techniques come into play, including a ban on sprinklers and hoses. This is detrimental to gardens and lawns. Having access to water you have captured and reserved in your catchment system lets you continue to care for your garden (if sparingly) until the drought passes and it is safe to turn the sprinkler back on.

Reduces Risk of Flooding

Water catchment systems work year-round, just not for the same reason. In the winter, when the rain comes, the ground may be too frozen to absorb the liquid. This causes flooding, which causes freezing, which is hazardous. Your water catchment system helps keep the water pouring over your roof and down through your drain pipes from sitting on your lawn and turning the yard into an ice rink.

The same is true during the wet season when rain is in abundance, and there is the fear of lush manicured lawns turning into swampland. The catchment system keeps excess water from spilling out onto your property until you want to use it.


While most water catchment systems are for non-drinking purposes only, it can be used for more than just watering the grass. Many Americans use the water from the water catchment to wash motor vehicles, bicycles and boats in the spring and summer seasons. You may also want to use this reserved water to give a pet a bath outside when the weather is hot.

Water catchment liquid can also be used to wash off the driveway, scrub the house siding, and any other outdoor cleaning chores.

Contact a Professional

If the idea of a water catchment system sounds useful to you, we can help. At High Prairie Landscape Group, we assist clients in a variety of landscaping services and are always happy to provide tips and information. As a local business here in Kansas, our clients are more than just customers, they are friends and neighbors too. To speak to one of our experienced staff members today, or to hear about our current services, we invite you to call us at 1-816-398-2901.