Late Winter Landscaping Tips Every Homeowner Should Know

Winter may seem like an unusual time to be gardening, but there is a chore for every season when maintaining a lawn and garden. Being a leading landscaping company in Kansas, High Prairie Landscape Group knows a thing or two about the winter season and what it means for garden lovers. As the cold months […]

When to Start Thinking About Your Spring Landscaping

Spring landscaping is a big deal here in Kansas City, with so many homes boasting lush gardens and luxurious outdoor living areas. High Prairie Landscape Group works with many clients honing the perfect lawn and garden for just this time of year. But, when is the best time to start thinking about Spring landscaping? This […]

Which Spring Bulbs Typically Bloom First?

Finally, 2021 and every Kansas homeowner is itching to see those first brilliant blooms of Spring. As a leading landscaper in Kansas City, High Prairie Landscape Group often receives questions about the timeframes for Spring bulbs. We want to share our knowledge.

Tips for Planning a Late Winter Party in Your Outdoor Kitchen

Winter may not bring on as many reasons for outdoor celebrations as Summer, but it sure has its moments. Kansas is known for our hospitality, finger-licking good food, and mild winters. So, why wouldn’t we take advantage of all of the above by creating the perfect winter party outdoor kitchen spaces to entertain all year […]

Landscaping Myth: Any Landscaping Is Good Landscaping

At High Prairie Landscape Group, we often get questions about our landscaping services vs. Other landscaping services in the area. From time to time, we hear landscaping myths such as, “any landscaping is good landscaping”. As a leader in landscaping and outdoor design here in Kansas, we know this myth to be just a myth.

5 Ways to Use Your Outdoor Fire Pit in Winter

An outdoor fire pit is often considered a summertime luxury, inspiring memories of childhood campouts. However, with Kansas winters being as mild as they are, wintertime fires are a great option for entertaining or relaxing on your patio with a mug of cocoa in hand.

Getting Cabin Fever? Start Planning Your Landscape or Patio for Spring

These unprecedented times have left many Americans filled with anxiety and confusion about the times to come. One thing we can do as a nation is to find solace and comfort in our homes and the safety they bring. To inspire positivity and offer something to look forward to in the months ahead, High Prairie […]