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You’re proud of your home, and we don’t blame you. You want a space you can enjoy and embrace in Kansas City. We want that, too.

So when you invite someone to come in and help you take care of your landscape investment or add a custom hardscape that you’ve been dreaming of for years, you want a company that’s going to put that same pride and effort into its work in your space. You want a company made up of community members and neighbors who you can trust and rely on.

You deserve that attention, expertise, and detailed focus. You deserve a better landscape -- one that gleams with personal taste and fits your daily lifestyle.

And we’re delighted to deliver.

We live to help you enjoy every moment in your landscape. We even wrote a book on how you can enhance the enjoyment of your exterior space.

Check it out.

Nationally Acclaimed, Locally Rooted

We come from humble beginnings. Robyn Schmitz started High Prairie Landscape with nothing but an old Jeep after obtaining her horticulture landscape design degree from Kansas State University. She bought her first trailer after selling and installing her first landscape job.

acorn medallion

That’s why the company embraces the acorn medallion logo. The acorn symbolizes that the mightiest of oaks come from the humblest beginning.

Each of the acorns in our logo stand for our cultural foundations -- our ETHOS.

E stands for ethics -- We do the right thing even when no one is looking.
T stands for teamwork -- We succeed together.
H stands for higher standards -- Our focus on perpetual improvement and innovation make us unique.
O stands for overachievers -- We don’t believe in being mediocre; we want to be great.
S stands for service -- We are servants by nature, serving each other, our families, and our community.

These values are what drive us to achieve luxury residential design/build awards, in addition to national recognition for holiday lighting/decor and seasonal color.

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Our Process

You come first. It’s that simple. And that’s how we lead our process -- whether we’re working with you on a landscape design project or maintenance plan. We like to innovate, learn, and grow. And that’s why each step of our customer discovery process is so important.

1. Free Consultation

We start with a discussion where we ask you questions. You won’t hear us do a lot of the talking. Our goal is to listen. You have the floor.  We want to understand your goals. We want to be clear on your vision so you’re getting exactly what you need.

2. Professional Design & Proposal - Plan of Action, Solution

Next, based on our conversation, we share with you a written estimate and complete digital design plan, capturing how we can best utilize your space to match your lifestyle and desires.

3. Transformation Time

We present you with a timeline and stick to your budget, using our talented team to show you what we can do.

4. Your turn!

Your dream space is now a reality. The final step -- and the most important one -- is you going out there and enjoying your new landscape with your family and friends. It’s time to make lasting memories.

This is our greatest reward: watching you reap the benefits of a well-designed and functioning Kansas City garden. 

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We were looking for a company that could handle our complex project so that we didn't have to deal with multiple contractors. High Prairie is not only a one-stop-shop, but their designs are also exceptional, and the project turned out even better than we imagined. We knew what was happening every step of the way and they continue to be just as responsive now that the project is done.

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We Wrote the Book on
Outdoor Living in Kansas City

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This is a 117-page practical guide to help you identify quality landscaping contractors in Kanas City, determine how much your project could cost, and how to enhance enjoyment of your exterior space.

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