5 Landscaping Tools Every Homeowner Should Keep on Hand

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In Kansas, homeowners take great pride in our lawns and gardens, so it is no surprise that so many people own their own landscaping equipment around town. Of course, many homeowners also invest in a professional landscaping team to ensure grass and flowers always look their best, but there are a few tools every homeowner should have in their landscaping arsenal.

At High Prairie Landscape Group, we service lawns and gardens across Kansas City and often receive questions regarding which tools are necessary, and which should be left to the professionals. Here, we have compiled a list of the top 5 landscaping tools every homeowner should have, even if you have a private gardener.

1. Hose and Sprinkler

Kansas summers get hot and dry, which leaves lawns looking wilted and brown. A high-quality garden hose and sprinkler helps ensure your lawn remains green throughout the summer season and into the fall. There is no right or wrong sprinkler to use.

Some homeowners prefer the twisting sprinklers, while others choose the back and forth models. Whatever you opt for, keep tabs on the areas it is reaching and missing. Be sure to rotate the sprinkler as the day goes on to give your lawn and garden and even watering.

Remember, the best time to water is early in the morning, or in the early evening. These times of day are cool and provide time for plants to absorb the water sufficiently. During peak times of sunshine, the heat absorbs moisture before the grass has a chance to drink it up. This quick flash of heat can also burn the plants in your yard as the water sizzles on them.

2. Gardening Gloves

Whether you prune the roses for fun, or only garden when absolutely necessary, a good pair of gardening gloves will keep your hands clean, healthy, and free of premature aging. Gardening is enjoyable, but rough on the hands. From soil crammed beneath fingernails, to scraped palms on thorny rose stems, and even itchy rashes due to plant oil allergies, gardening gloves are a must.
You can buy gardening gloves at most home hardware and garden center stores. Look for gloves with a thick lining, and durable textured fingertips for easy handling of plants and landscaping tools.

3. Hedge Trimmers

Hedge trimmers are a great landscaping tool to invest in, especially if you have a lot of hedges around your property. While you may call in the professionals to shape your plants, you will find that your hedges grow unevenly, leaving some with long branches poking out here and there. Hedge trimmers allow you to go out and prune those wild areas yourself. This is incredibly handy if you have company coming, and want your yard looking its best.

Hedge trimmers are also a great tool to invest in because they are one of the more compact pieces of equipment and are easy to store. If you have a pegboard in your shed or garage, they are easily hung for safekeeping. Just be sure the trimmers stay well out of reach of children and pets, as they are incredibly sharp.

4. Rake

Nobody likes to rake, but it is a necessity in Kansas, especially throughout the autumn season. From fallen leaves and twigs to lawn thatch, your yard will be begging for some TLC by the time fall gets into full swing. Having a rake on hand allows you to get rid of debris, ensuring your grass thrives, there are no tripping hazards, and your yard stays clean and clear year-round.

Some homeowners opt for a leaf blower instead of a rake, but at High Prairie Landscape Group, we feel the rake is best if you are only choosing one of these two tools. The rake more deeply penetrates your grass, giving lawn thatch a thorough clearing, and letting your grass breathe more easily.

5. Lawn Mower and Weed Wacker

For homeowners relying on a professional service to mow, you may not need to invest in a mower, but we still recommend a weed wacker. This compact tool allows you to nip in between trees, around the front steps, beneath the edge of the deck, and around your garden, snipping up overgrown weeds and grass that the mower might miss. Like the hedge trimmers, the weed wacker comes in handy between landscaping visits, ensuring your lawn is at its best.

For those who do not invest in landscaping services, a mower is a must. Your grass grows year-round, except for during snowfall and frost. To keep it neat and tidy, consider a small gas, electric, or push mower.

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